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I'm not that shallow or vain, but I can be
Music: Please dont get me wrong I love dance and club music, or just about anything with a beat but have a respect and admiration of much older music too. I LOVE Frank Sinatra and that whole era. However I will listen to just about anything.
TV: Just about everything on SHOwtime, WEEDS, Nurse Jackie, Dexter, The Tudors and I love the 2 new ones Shameless and Episodes. Also like Modern Family, Desperate Housewives, NOVA and just about anything on The History Channel and Discovery Networks
Books: I will admit, I dont read many books, but I do read a lot of magazines including Vogue, W, GQ, Details, The Advocate and Esquire
Movies: I like to go to the movies, I just dont like scary movies
BestFeatures: I am told it is my smile, however I think it is my ability to look beyond what is on the outside and see people who for they really are.

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