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I have 3 children, one is out and on her own...thank God!!! one down two to go...lol.. Just kidding. I love my babies. Got one in H.S. the other will be in preschool soon. I love to dance and sing...I'm a student full time, trying to get into the medical field. I love music, going to concerts local or out of town. I help a friend out in a country band, its really nice to be part of something its fun and work at the same time. Im really trying to watch my weight since I'm home alot I tend to snack....I know I need to step away from the cupboard and put the cookies down!!!! I believe I'm a good friend, I try to be nice to everyone give them the benefit of the doubt. I like walking to school, I get to think and be alone without interruptions plus I get some cardio.
HighSchool: Washington High School
College: Ivy Tech Community College North Central
Music: I like to listen to a variety of Music just depends on my mood. I love Rock, Country, R&B and especially Mexican Music. Can't listen to just one thing the rest of my life.
TV: CSI, Law and Order, House, Lie to me, Without a trace but now I have no cable so I dont watch much tv.
Books: I have A.D.D. I cant just read I have to have a reason to read like Homework... and I still do terrible with my reading excercises
Sports: Football: Indianapolis Colts and Da Bears!!!!! love Chicago. ND Fan I know it not for everyone...lol. I like watching basketball but dont have a favorite team. I really like all kinds of sports I just dont participate in them.
Movies: Big Seth Rogen fan, love him in Knocked up, Superbad, 40yr old virgin and You, Me and Dupree. I love the Underworld and Resident Evil movies.
BestFeatures: I dont know about physical features, but I think my personality, I am easy to get along with and I love to laugh and have fun.
Dreams: Finish College and have a degree in A CAREER, so I can finally get me a secure job and take care of my kids.

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