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  • Height:
    3 ft. 0 in.
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  • Education:
    Masters Degree
  • Job:
    Customer Service
  • Has Kids:
    No, but eventually


In my spare time, I really like to listen to music. It helps me relax and abstract from everything around me. I prefer different music since I am a creative person, I have many directions. It only depends on my mood. I also try to always keep myself in shape, so I go to the gym, do swimming and samba. I believe that the best remedy for fatigue and bad mood is sports and strength exercises. When inspiration comes to me and I want to create, I draw on the canvas and create culinary masterpieces. Another passion I have is to make exclusive meals. It is a magical process for me. When I prepare various dishes, I put the whole soul into them, so it is always delicious. I really like to cook sweets for someone, especially for a man I love.

What I am looking for

First of all, the man I want to see next to me should be a support for his loved ones. Next to such a man, the lady feels protected. She knows exactly that he will come to the rescue at any moment. For me personally, an integral feature of a real man is a sense of humor. A person needs to be able to laugh at himself and what is happening around him. And a man should act, not talk! Only by doing something for a woman, a man can confirm his sincere love. He must be a kind man. And not just with his soulmate. A decent man will certainly show this quality. I like men watching themselves. This is when clean and neat clothes, well-groomed hair and hands. If a man maintains physical fitness every day, it is just a dream